Basic Information

Croatian Dental Chamber was founded in Zagreb on June, 26th in 1995.
The abbreviated name of the Association is: HKDM

TRADEMARK Chamber consists of a red square, where one above the other two symmetric displaced, white semicircles rotated 45 degrees so as to emphasize the upward diagonal squares. Right edge of the square ends Croatian wattle detail in gray. On the right side of the sign is the name of the Association.
President of the Chamber: Hrvoje Pezo, DMD
Deputy Chairman of the Chamber: Professor Pavel Kobler, DMD.
President of the department of dental technicians: Vesna Krizmanic, senior dent. tech.
President of the department of dental assistants: Denis Milosevic,

Treasurer: Karlo Sudarević, dr. med. dent.
General Secretary: Jasminka Polic, MA.Law.

Membership in the Chamber

Dentists in the activity of dental medicine at the Croatian territory shall be members of the Chamber, as an autonomous and independent professional organization with the status of legal persons and public authorities.

Voluntary Membership

Membership in the Association is voluntary for doctors of dental medicine who do not perform the activity indirectly dental medicine, engaged dental medicine outside the Croatian, who are retired and who are unemployed.


Address: Kurelčeva 3/II
City: Zagreb, 10000

Jasminka Polic, MA.Law
Secretary General of the Chamber

Office of the President
Mirela Potkonjak +385 1 4886-736
Ivana Staresinic, ing. + 385 1 4886-731

The registration and re-licensing
Jasmina Verner, MA.Law. +385 1 4886-722
Dejan Elvedi, MA. Law +385 1 4886-734
Lana Zubović, mag.iur, +385 1 4886 724
Mirjana Majetić +385 1 4886 720

Finance Department
Marija Zima +385 1 4886-732
Katarina Pstrocki +385 1 4886 727
Ljiljana Malčić +385 1 4886 726

Office for Organizational Affairs
Jadranka Vencl +385 1 4886-725
Sanela Valentić, MA.P.Sc. +385 1 4886 728


Office for vocational classes
Valentina Haramustek +385 1 4886 730

The Information Officer
Jasmina Verner, MA.Law. +385 1 4886-722

Data Protection Officer
Dejan Elveđi, MA. Law

Court number: 01135694
Bank account: 2360000-1101407171
Tax number (OIB): 24858915082

If you are paying from abroad, you will need the following information;
Bank: Zagrebacka Banka dd (ZABA)
Street: Paromlinska 2
City: Zagreb, HR-10000, Croatia



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